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The Making of Bull: The True Story

The Making of Bull: The True Story


 Stacy Makishi's solo, The Making of Bull: The True Story, is inspired by the Coen brothers' film Fargo. The stage is a battleground between truth and lies; what’s spoken and what’s omitted; between fiction and documentary. Disorientating and uplifting, it weaves an uncanny path through a kidnap, an unrequited love, a lost ransom and a woman frozen in the snow.


A solo show for theatre with original music by Paul Clark and Gareth Fry., The Making of Bull : The True Story toured across the UK and to La Mama (New York), International Festival of the Black Sea (Turkey), BRUT : Vienna, Mladi Levi Festival (Slovenia) and


It is theatre, it is bullshit. And I eat it raw because what Stacy Makishi does is very hard to do in performance. You often see folks trying - hard - although it is not easy to get it right. But Stacy Makishi is on the bull's-eye. And I will bet you dollars to donuts everyone thinks so, I mean, she is a bluestocking and she is obsessed with Steve Buscemi.

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Stacy Makishi | London, UK. | | 00 44 (0) 207 247 5102

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